6 Stunning Wedding Palettes for 2020-2021

Choosing the wedding color theme for one’s wedding can be both an exciting but extremely daunting task.  After all, there are SO many options from which to choose, AND  it dictates all of one’s wedding planning decisions moving forth.  The good news is that the wedding color trends for this year are on target to be a wonderful smorgasbord with many choices from which to choose.  The sky is the limit!  Many of the familiar shades from 2018-2019 continue to be popular like the muted shades of gray and blush since they beautifully complement a myriad of other shades. However, there are some new, softer hues in vogue this year like gorgeous dusty roses, silvers, dusty blues or lavenders. But if you are a bride and groom that really want to make a statement, consider vibrant shades of golds, oranges, purples, or pinks, or vibrant blues. Whether you are a traditional bride or a not-so-traditional bride, there is a pallet for you. Check out the photos to get inspired by these seven popular palettes!

#1.  The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year.

apantone2020“Classic Blue” has been chosen as the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year.  This hue of blue will very likely be seen in all areas of art, design, and clothing in the upcoming months and wedding design is no exception.  This more contemporary, vibrant blue is a nice departure from the classic navy in wedding suits and décor. Take a peek at these images that bring a whole new meaning to “something blue.”

#2. Corals and Shades of Corals.

If you were to ask ten people to describe the color coral, you will likely get ten very different responses. The color coral, much like its namesake of the sea, can vary greatly. Inspired by nature, this warm, but vivid color, can range from pale pinks and peaches with hints of orange to a much brighter reddish-orange. The wonderful advantage to the color coral is, just as in nature, it pairs beautifully, with a vast amount of other colors. Shades such as gray, pink, orange, yellow, and green complement coral beautifully. It is no wonder that “Living Coral” has been chosen the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year. Check out the gorgeous varieties of coral in the photos above!

#3. Blush.

Blush continues to be popular in 2019 along with other soft hues. Blush colors blend beautifully with an endless amount of other shades like navy, burgundy, dark and light gray, lavender, and deep purple.  Blush has even become popular amongst bridal gowns.  There is something so romantic and ethereal about the color blush that just cannot be denied.  Blush never fails to add a touch of class and elegance to every wedding ceremony, event, and photograph.

#4. Lavenders and Shades of Purple.

Lavender and other shades of purple are wedding colors that have re-emerged for 2019. While lavenders are simply beautiful for the spring and summer, deep purples are a rich and gorgeous touch in the fall and winter. Deep purples blend with many of the warm hues found in nature in autumn in the Midwest and can make for some stunning harvest décor!   Since blue and red combine to create the shade of purple, it is no wonder that hues of lavender and purple are complemented by almost every shade on the color wheel.  And how can a bride and groom go wrong with the colors associated with the wealth, class, and elegance of royalty?

#5. Dusty Blues, Dusty Roses, and Silver.

You will see a great many dusty blues or dusty rose colors during this bridal season and understandably so. These warm blues and pinks are not your standard baby nursery blues and pinks but instead, a subdued, warmer version of these shades. Dusty blue combines light blue with some subtle gray tones to create a stunning color that blends nicely with dark and light grays, blushes, silvers, and rose colors. Dusty rose, a muted and not so in-your-face kind of pink, creates a romantic, calming canvas to every wedding. The beauty of these “dusty” colors are their ability to pair with many other hues like charcoal gray, light gray, dusty blue, blush, and even black.  These dusty blues and rose colors also pair nicely with the metallic finishes that seem to be very popular in wedding fashion (such as wedding rings) and décor in 2019.

#6. Bright Yellows and Shades of Yellow and Gold.


Bright and subtle shades of yellow and gold have become a bit of a retro flash from the past for the 2019 bridal year. Yellow palettes evoke feelings of warmth, joy, and happiness. The beauty of golds and yellow is that there is an appropriate shade for every season. Check out the images above. Don’t they just want to make you smile?

#7.  Various Hues of Pinks and Fuchsia with Complements.

Bold and subtle shades of pink and fuchsia are having a wonderfully strong moment in 2019.  What used to be considered an extremely feminine shade, fuchsia when coupled with subtle shades of pink and green, are popular amongst both brides and grooms alike.  These are not your fairy princess pinks of the past, but instead, are much bolder and more modern pops of pink.  These trending  pinks can bring the drama but also touches of class and elegance and romance to many a nuptial!